Our Knowledge Partners: The Jackson Laboratory
3rd International Conference Series on 3R's Research & Progress
Advances in Animal Models and Cutting-Edge Research in Alternatives

November 17th & 18th, 2022, Vishakhapatnam, AP, India

Those who wish to attend the conference in person please drop an email to bharadwaj3radvances@gmail.com so that we can make the necessary arrangements at the venue

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Advances in Research Animal Models and Cutting-Edge Research in Alternatives



17th & 18th Nov 2022

Venue: GITAM University, Rushikonda, Vizag


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  • Keynote Address​
  • Conference Lectures and Souvenirs
  • Scientific and Technical Panel Discussions


  • The Technological advances in generating animal models for biomedical research: current scenario and challenges ahead
  • The Relevance of animal models to human diseases: issues and perspectives
  • The Transgenesis: Use of transgenic animal models in studying genetic diseases
  • The Translational Research: Did using animal models really help?
  • Animal Models in Drug Discovery: Learnings for the future
  • 3D Printing in Drug Discovery: An Alternative Strategy
  • Advanced humanized mouse models in Oncology Research
  • An alternatives strategy for 3D Tissue printing in Drug Discovery
  • Animal and in vitro models for Psoriasis and other auto immune skin diseases
  • State of the art in silico models that can add value to the "Replace" in 3R's
  • Alternatives Opportunities for Stem cells in Drug Discovery
  • New Animal Models in Fibrotic Diseases
  • DVC Cages contribution to advancing 3R's
  • Printed alternatives to animals in Veterinary Education

Speaker Profiles

Our esteemed speakers emanate from Industry and Academia from International and Domestic fronts

Co-ordinating Team

Co-ordinating Team

Dr. Suresh Poosala (Oncoseek Bio)
Prof. Reddanna (Federation of Asian Biotech Associations)
Mrs. Harita Vasireddy (Vimta Labs)
Dr. Balaji (Hylasco Bio-Technology Pvt. Ltd)
Dr. Bharadwaja Vadloori (Oncoseek Bio)

Science Advisory Team

Science Advisory Team

Dr. Uday Saxena (Reagene Biosciences)
Prof. P.V.S. Kishore (Sri Venkateshwara Veterinary University)
Dr. Subramanyam Vangala (Reagene Biosciences)
Dr. Sreedhara R Voleti (INDRAS Pvt Ltd)
Dr. Subhadra Dravida (Transcell Oncologics)

Technical and Logistics Team

Technical and Logistics Team

Mr. Franco Mondini (Tecniplast Italy)
Mr. James Hoffman (The Jackson Laboratories)
Mr. Deepak Gupta (Vishnu Traders)
Dr. Bharadwaja Vadloori (Oncoseek Bio)