Day one 17th Nov

9:30AM to 10:30 AM: Inauguration Ceremony – Vice Chancellor GITAM University – short speeches by guests

10:30 AM:Key Note Speech by Dr. Pratima Srivastava, Aragen:“Importance and Application of 3R’s in Drug Discovery and Development”

11:10AM: Dr. Falguni Pati, IIT Hyderabad–“3D Bioprinted Liver Sinusoidal Model: Focusing on the Metabolic Zonation”

11:50PM:Dr.Krishna Bhagavatula, The Jackson Laboratory:“Human Immune System Engrafted Platforms for More Translatable Preclinical Research”

12:30PM:Dr.Manusmriti Singh – Bennett University –“Tumor architecture governs therapeutic response: Case for 3D spheroids for screening therapeutics”

1:10PM: Lunch Break

2:00PM: Dr. Rohit Bisht – PETA India:“Novel Human-Relevant Preclinical Safety Testing Strategy for Recombinant Human Monoclonal Antibodies Directed Against Foreign Targets”

2:40PM: Dr. Saroj Varvadekar, Merck Life Sciences“Monocyte Activation Test – Alternative to Rabbit Pyrogen Testing”

3:20PM: Dr. Prajakta Dandekar Jain, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai:“Alternate-to-animal models for pre-clinical evaluation of retinal therapeutics”

4:00PM:Dr. Balaji BhyravbhatlaHylasco– “3R’s and ongoing efforts to meet deadlines”

4:40 PM:Dr. Madhujit Damle, Molecular Devices–“Coming Together to Accelerate the Adoption of 3D Biology”

5:20 PM:Dr.Sanotsh Dixit, ShreekanthJoshi, Dr. Mandar Kulkarni,In Silico Strategies for Preclinical Research in Oncology 

Day two 18th Nov

10:00 AM:  Key Note Speech by Dr. Sandra Coecke – European Commission Joint research centre:One Health Treats and new approach non animal tools for Sustainable Food Systems”

10:30 AM: Dr. Aysha Akhtar – Centre for Contemporary Sciences:“Why we must replace animal experimentation and how do we do it?”

11:00 AM: Dr. Ramray Bhat, Indian Institute of Science:“The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us: vindicating Morpheus through studies in cancer.”

11:30 AM: Dr. Albert Li – Discovery Life Sciences:“Novel human hepatic technologies for the evaluation of human drug properties:  drug metabolism, drug-drug interactions, hepatotoxicity, pharmacology”

12: noon: Dr.Clive ROPER, Roper Toxicology Consulting Limited–“Why do We Fail to Replace Animal Models with Scientifically Rational Non-Animal Models?”

12:30 PM: Dr. Adrian Smith,Norecopa: “How to improve scientific quality and animal welfare when planning animal studies”

1:00 PM: Dr. Sridhar Radha Krishnan, Research DietsInc– “Choice of Laboratory Rodent Diet May Confound Data Interpretation and Reproducibility”

1:30 PM: Michael Johson, Visikol –“Choosing the Right Liver In Vitro Model”

2:00 PM: Dr. Paola Occhetta,BiomimXSrl,  -“Beating organs-on-chips as advanced preclinical tools for drug screening and disease modelling”

2:30PM: Dr. ReykHorland, TissUse.–“Industrial adoption of integrated microphysiological systems: progress and challenges”

3:00 PM: Dr.Lisienahysenaj, Parvus Therapeutics – “Organoids as a tool to explore the spectrum of human response to pathogens”

3:30 PM: Dr. DasjaPajkrt,University of Amsterdam–“Studies on SARS-CoV2, picornavirus and human cytomegalovirus infections using human organoids”

4:00 PM: Dr. Johannes Hackethal, THT Biomaterials–“How to overcome systematic errors linked to R&D based on biomaterials and 3D cell culture”

4:30 PM: Tilo Weber, Animal Welfare Academy of the German Animal Welfare Federation–“Animals in the (Petri) Dish: Towards a Truly Animal-free Laboratory”

5:00 PM: John Hunag, The Well Bioscience–“Xeno-free Bio-functional VitroGel System for 3D Cell Culture and Functional Assays”

schedule for second international conference

Day One 18th Nov 2021

9:45 AM to 10:30 AM: Inauguration Ceremony – Vice Chancellor UoH

– short speeches by guests

10:30 AM:Key Note Speech by Dr. Mandar Kulkarni: Enhancing molecular and genomic assays with drug screening on primary tumour derived 3D-spheroids

11:15AM: Dr. Jaganmohan Reddy: Engineering Matrices for in vitro and Ex vivo organoid cultures for personalized medicine

12:00PM:Dr. Uday Saxena:Developing a 3D bioprinted human vascular lung model to identify repurposed drugs for COVID-19”

12:45PM:Dr.  S Dravida and Mr. Saikat  –NeuroSAFE – A Next Gen Cruelty Free Solution For Testing Vaccine Safety For Human Application

1:30PM:Lunch Break

2:30PM: Dr. Subrahmanyam Vangala: “Evolving Paradigm Shifts in Drug Discovery and Development – Are Alternatives to Animal Tools another Paradigm Shift?”

3:15 PM: Dr. Pushkar Kulkarni: Zebrafish counterparts for classical non-clinical safety assessment

4:00PM: Mr. Akshay Sonawane: How Far Are We in The Paradigm Shift of Translational Research? Laboratory and Market Perspective

4:45 PM:Dr. Lena Smirnova: Using brain organoids to study neurological diseases with the focus on COVID and autism

Day two 19th Nov 2021

9:00 AM:  Key Note Speech by Dr. Helena Kandarova, Alternative Methods and 3D tissue models: The role of reconstructed 3D tissues in the implementation of 3Rs into the regulations worldwide.

9:45 AM:Dr. MontipGettayacamin: Enhancing 3Rs in Asian Environment

10:30 AM: Prof. Mathieu Vinken: Use of adverse outcome pathways for the in vitro prediction of liver toxicity

11:15 AM:Dr. AdedamolaOlayanju: Synthetic Tuneable Peptide hydrogels for in vitro 3-dimensional Cancer Modelling and Drug Discovery

12: noon:Dr. Ana Luiza Millás: 3D Biotechnology Solutions startup, its challenges to develop and had in vitro models on the market

12:45 PM:Ms. LetíciaCharelli: Integrated low-cost bioprinters as a strategy to reduce animal use in experimentations

1:30 PM: Lunch Break

2:30 PM:Dr. Tuli Dey: Multicellular spheroids: An intriguing platform to study tumour biology

3:00 PM:Prof. Arti Ahluwalia: A life in 3Rs

3:45 PM:Prof Yasunari Kanda: Human iPSC-based models for COVID-19 therapies

4:15 PM:Franco Mondini:Novel Biomarkers, Animal Welfare and Data Reproducibility in the Home Cage”

5:00 PM:Dr. Kirsten Rosenmay Jacobsen: Species selection – focus on the Göttingen Minipig as a large animal model”

5:45 PM:Dr. Somshuvra Bhattacharya: Designing your In vivo studies while supporting the 3Rs”

6:30 PM:Mr. Manish Gore:Matrix-free spheroids of choroid retinal endothelial cells as an alternative-to-animal model for diabetic retinopathy

schedule for first international conference

Day One 19th Nov 2020

9:45 AM: Inauguration Ceremony – Vice Chancellor UoH

10:00 AM: Skill Development Short Course announcement By FGB (Marcel) and UoH (VC)

10:15 AM to 10:30 AM – short speech by chief guest

10:30 AM: Key Note Speech by Dr. Charu Chandrasekera, “Moving Beyond Animal Models: A Key Role for South Asia”

11:15 AM: Dr. S Dravida: Primary Stem Cell/Tissue Based Platforms as Human Surrogate Systems – Compelling Alternatives for Pluripotent Imagination of the User

12:00 PM: Dr. Uday Saxena: 3D bioprinting as alternative to animals – hype or spike?

12:45 PM: Lunch Break

1:45 PM: Dr. Subrahmanyam Vangala The art of selecting safe and effective First-in-Human clinical dose

2:30 PM: Prof. Thomas Hartung: COVID-19 drug and vaccine development – a door-opener for alternative methods?

3:15 PM: Dr. Lars Friis Mikkelsen: The use of Göttingen Minipigs as a translational animal model

4:00 PM: Dr. Brenda Kick and Victoria Sachs: How to Support an Animal Care Program to Successfully Maintain Immunocompromised and Humanized Mouse Colonies

4:45 PM: Dr. Ritu Verma: Validated Alternates to Animal testing in preclinical Drug development: DRF protocols

5:30 PM: Dr. Marcel Gyger (FGB): Education and Training in Laboratory Animal Science under the Covid-19 pandemic 

Day two 20th Nov 2020

9:00 AM: AAALAC special talk on Crisis Management to mitigate loss to in vivo Research. Talk by Montip (Thailand), Brian (Singapore) and Dewi (Hong Kong)

9:45 AM: Key Note Speech by Dr. Manjunath Ramarao. Exploring the “human model” for drug discovery

10:30 AM: Dr. Vijay Pal Singh: Implementation of 3 R’s in India – a systematic Review

11:15 AM: Dr. Balaji Bhyravbhatla: Commercial breeding and Access to Research Models

12 noon: Dr. Avery August: “Animal models of Immunological Diseases”

12:45 PM: Lunch Break

1:45 PM: Dr. Christian PELLEVOISIN: The added value of reconstructed human (RHE) epidermis in toxicology

2:30 PM: Prof P.V.S. Kishore: Printed alternatives to animals in Veterinary Education

3:15 PM: Dr. Brian W. Soper: Translational Models for Drug Discovery in Human Immune Modulation

4:00 PM: Franco Mondini: 3Rs Animal Monitoring in the Home-Cage: how can novel technologies contribute to enhanced animal welfare while automating scientific data collection?

4:45 PM: Dr. Tharanga Thoradeniya: Human adipocytes for exploring adipose tissue overflow hypothesis in South Asians

5:30 PM: Dr. Surat Parvatam: Status of human-relevant research in India

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